10 Toxic Habits of Highly Stupid People; How to Avoid Them

Every day we are faced with a choice. We can become better versions of ourselves or a pathetic, self-loathing ones. Choose wisely.

Janice Eastman


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How do you know if you’re a stupid person?

Let’s see.

There’s that overbearing need to feel superior to others. An inflated sense of self-importance. And a manic need to defend your opinions no matter how idiotic they are.

These are only a sample of the tell-tale signs of stupidity.

I’m not sure where the term ‘stupid’ comes from, but it seems to be referring to people who haven’t picked up on the fact that they are stupid.

The trouble is that many stupid people never realize that their popular philosophies are actually horribly flawed.

And because they’re so wrapped up in themselves and their own deluded sense of superiority, they don’t realize that the people who suffer most from their toxic habits are themselves.

Here are 10 toxic habits of stupid people and how you can avoid them:

1. Don’t try to be right all the time.

Stupid people feel the need to be right all the time, regardless of whether they actually are or not.

This neediness creates tension and conflict. Both within themselves and with others.

If you always need to be correct, back off and let others have a turn.

You’ll probably find that they’re more open to hearing your point of view if you’re not shoving it down their throats.

2. Refuse to listen to anyone who disagrees with you.

Stupid people are so wrapped up in their own opinions that they refuse to listen to anyone who disagrees with them.

This close-mindedness creates an echo chamber where ideas bounce around without being challenged. Leading to even more stupidity.

If you find yourself doing this, make a concerted effort to seek out opposing viewpoints. And really listen to what others have to say.



Janice Eastman

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