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7 Things You Should Never Do In A Toxic Workplace

We’ve all worked at jobs that feel toxic, and we’ve probably all done things in these toxic workplaces that we didn’t necessarily want to do but felt like we had to do.

Janice Eastman
5 min readApr 1, 2022
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Toxic workplaces aren’t your fault.

They’re nobody’s fault, really.

They happen when a company grows too fast, lacks leadership, or loses sight of its mission. But toxic workplaces are also preventable — if you know what to look for and how to deal with them.

Here are seven things you should never do in a toxic workplace environment.

1) Don’t blame yourself

When you’re stuck in a toxic workplace, it can be tempting to take responsibility for everything going wrong. That might help you get some temporary peace of mind — but it can also distract you from addressing your work situation with your employer.

Taking ownership of all office drama means thinking about myself and not us — even when your colleagues are part of the problem.

To move forward at work, start by trying to stop placing blame on yourself and try talking to your manager about what’s bothering you in a non-accusatory way.

It might not solve anything immediately, but it’s an excellent way to get started.

2) If you were hired because you were smart, don’t stop thinking

People are hired for their smarts, but that doesn’t mean they’re expected to stop learning. If you’re feeling isolated at work or if your ideas are being completely ignored, then there’s a good chance you could be in a toxic workplace.

Some of us have worked with toxic people before, and it can be a very stressful experience when trying to complete your daily tasks.

Even though most offices aren’t particularly poisonous places to work, occasionally (or often), it might feel like they are. These feelings are usually a sign that you might be in an environment where there is…



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