Achieving a New Level of Self-Worth as You Age: 6 Ways to Gain Confidence

When we stop caring what other people think, we can recapture our youthful energy and fill our lives with new experiences

Janice Eastman
8 min readOct 3, 2022


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When you’re young, confidence comes easily, making you feel good that you’re attractive to others and accepted by friends and family.

But what happens as we age?

Do we suddenly lose our self-esteem?

Although this might seem like the case to many people, it’s not! It’s easy to gain confidence as you age; all it takes is time and effort.

Whether young or old, confidence is an integral part of life.

Unfortunately, many people spend their lives feeling inadequate or unimportant — so much so that they neglect to do anything meaningful with their time.

But you don’t have to fall into this trap!

Building self-confidence can be easier than you think, and the best way to accomplish it is by doing the things that make you feel good about yourself.

Following these six ways to achieve new levels of self-worth as you age, you will learn how to regain your confidence in no time.

#1) Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

Comparison is the thief of time and will slowly rob you of your sense of self and eventually lose confidence and worth with age.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Whether it’s what they do. Or how they look. And stop worrying about how old you are in relations to other people.

Focus on doing things that make you happy. Not what society tells you will make you happy.

One of the quickest ways to lose confidence is to compare yourself to others.

Whether it’s your appearance, achievements, or lifestyle, it’s important to remember that everyone is on their own journey. Focus on your own progress and be proud of your accomplishments, big or small.

There is no need to be afraid about your age; just let go and enjoy the life given to you so far!



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