Beware Of Scammers, They Know How To Manipulate, And Destroy

But I decided to engage two scammers because I have scammer instinct, knowledge, and I’m alert.

Janice Eastman
3 min readFeb 24, 2022


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Yesterday my cellphone rang; when I answered, an automated recording kindly informed me that my social insurance number — SIN is linked to a fraudulent account or suspicious activity. Press 1 to speak with an agent.

Ok, bet.

I pressed 1, a gentleman answered.

“Thank you for calling Service Canada. How may I help you” the voice said on the line.

“Huh,” I said. “You called me.”

Again, he asked, “how may I help you?”

To which I responded, “so you are just going to call me this early in the morning to scam me, eh.”

To my surprise, I heard a click.

The “ Government of Canada Revenue Agency” representative had the nerve to hang up on me!

That’s not nice, is it?

Needless to say, I, in return, blocked the number. That should have been that, right. But, nope.

This morning at 10:36, the same thing again.

The automated recorder call came; I pressed 1.

This time a lady came on. The same spiel.

My reply, “so you are really going to call me every day to scam me, eh.”

Again, I heard a click.

And she hung up again.

I mean, why would I fall for the same thing over and over again? It’s not like these alerts and calls are new; they’ve been going on for months now — maybe even years.

This is a classic example of a scam.

The only thing that has changed is the number that is calling me. That’s it. Nothing more.

The artisans of manipulation

Unfortunately, humanity has developed the art of the scam. Scammers have mastered the craft of manipulation and use psychological triggers to rip off the unsuspecting masses.



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