How to Feel More Confident: 5 Ways to Build Your Self-Esteem

Confidence is key, but so is having a positive mindset. Achieve both of these things and feel more secure and empowered in your life.

Janice Eastman


The incredible hulk.
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What would you say if I told you that you could feel more confident by changing your thoughts?

Would you be skeptical?

When we’re feeling less than confident, it can be hard to believe that there’s a solution available to us right now, in the present moment.

But self-esteem isn’t about our history or our past; it’s about the choices we make every day. And what we tell ourselves as those choices play out.

5) Identify what makes you happy.

What activities make your heart race?

What foods do you enjoy eating?

Once you know what truly makes YOU happy, focus on incorporating those activities and experiences into your life more often.

This will help you feel more comfortable and more fulfilled. Which in turn will boost your confidence.

In short, find what makes you feel good, and do more of it — indulge if you will.

No matter how busy you are or what else is going on in your life, dedicate time every day for fun, pleasure, and relaxation.

This will help you feel more confident by supporting your emotional well-being.

Think of it as a way to refuel.

4) Appreciate your achievements.

When feeling insecure, we often focus on our mistakes rather than our successes.

It can be helpful to take a moment every now and then to reflect on everything that you’ve done well in your life — both big and small.

This will help put things into perspective. And restore some confidence lost along the way.

Not only will this make you happy, but it may also inspire others around you to see your accomplishments in a new light!

Think about it — when you share something that made you proud, other people may also start to see the great…



Janice Eastman

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