How to Find Happiness Again After Life’s Failures

Failures cultivate resilience, shaping us into warriors who overcome

Janice Eastman
3 min readMar 30


A red labyrinth.
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“Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it.” — Jaques Prevert

The storm clouds of sorrow may summon your name, beckoning you to wallow in the tempest of misfortune that life unfailingly delivers.

Shadows subtly steal joy from the sanctuary within us, shrouding our world in shades of melancholy.

Amidst the chaos, despair, and destruction that ensue, happiness may appear elusive and fleeting. A dim beacon of light lost in the fog of regret.

Though consumed by desolation, one mustn’t cower because the rays of hope burn fierce and bright. Guiding us on a journey to rediscover our most treasured emotions.

To navigate this harsh landscape, one must first learn to acknowledge and accept the hardships that come with the human experience.

Embracing the challenges with grace, seeking support in times of need, and learning valuable life lessons from our moments of despair.

Resiliency is born from the ashes of our pain; it cultivates our souls and shapes us into warriors capable of overcoming life’s trials.

We can only reclaim the happiness that once seemed unreachable through genuinely understanding and facing our emotions head-on.

Abiding by the teachings of resilience and embracing unwavering determination, we must navigate through the labyrinth of life’s many challenges.

By cultivating gratitude, fostering inner growth, and nourishing our connections, we can gradually cleanse the lens through which we perceive our existence.

Engaged in this transformation, we can flare the sparks of happiness. Allowing them to kindle into warm ignition. Here, amid these treasured flames, life’s failures falter and dissipate — providing a pathway for true happiness to dance into focus once more.

Even when happiness seems an unimaginable mystery, dare to stare boldly into the abyss of adversity.

I recall when my spirit reeled and teetered on the edge of despair. Dark thoughts attempted to…



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