How to Know You Are Truly Content with Yourself

Learning how to be happy with yourself is one of the biggest trends in self-development

Janice Eastman


How to Know You Are Truly Content with Yourself. A dog lies contently on its owner’s lap while its owner works.
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At its most basic, Self-worth is your internal value of yourself; self-worth is how you perceive your pleasures and pains.

The point is that many people get their sense of self-worth from outside sources, which can leave them vulnerable to many external influences that could ultimately lead to negative or positive experiences.

By creating a sense of self-worth from within, you will know what you want. And you will be more likely to see the reality of any situation or circumstance as it truly is.

This can make all the difference in chasing what you want and finding success.

“Wut. Wut,” I hear some of you, dear readers, say. “What the heck? That’s not what it means to ‘have self-worth.’ Shouldn’t that be self-acceptance?”

The answer is no, no, and more no.

First of all, there is a difference between having self-worth and self-acceptance.

Both worth and acceptance are two different things that have a lot of similarities — but are nevertheless distinct from each other.



Janice Eastman

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