How to Live Your Best Life: The Self-Love Manifesto

C’mon, stop being so hard on yourself! # 1 Stop Sabotaging Yourself!

Janice Eastman
6 min readJun 28, 2022
How to Live Your Best Life: The Self-Love Manifesto. Live your life your way.
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Do you feel like you’re constantly berating yourself? Whether it’s about how you look, your perceived flaws, or what you think is missing from your life. Chances are, you’re not too happy with yourself these days.

Life doesn’t have to be so complicated and stressful; it can actually be fun and enjoyable if you embrace who you are and start living your best life!

Too many people don’t know how to love themselves; they feel they aren’t good enough. Aren’t worthy of the same attention and care they give others. Or don’t deserve to be happy.

These feelings can lead to self-destructive habits like drinking, taking drugs or self-harming behavior. People either harm themselves as punishment or have to numb their emotional pain with substances or dangerous behaviours.

While many of these feelings stem from trauma in childhood, even adults who experienced normal childhoods can feel this way sometimes if they don’t understand how to love themselves unconditionally.

Learn to Love Yourself — Practice Self-Care

It’s easy to get caught up in a negative feedback loop when you’re not self-compassionate.

It starts with feeling bad about yourself, making you feel more alone and worse about yourself. This cycle repeats itself over and over until it becomes self-destructive and paralyzing.

But by practicing self-care, you can build confidence and learn what you deserve (which is a lot).

You may also notice that your relationships with others improve once they see your new positivity. If they don’t, it might be time to change your life or theirs.

Either way, learning to love yourself is essential to living your best life.

Stop Sabotaging Your Happiness

How can you possibly live your best life if you sabotage your own happiness?



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