How To Love Yourself More: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Happiness is fleeting and often comes when we least expect it — there is a way to achieve lasting happiness.

Janice Eastman
5 min readMay 26, 2022


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There’s no shortage of material out there on how to love others better and be a loving spouse or parent, or friend when it comes to love.

But what about yourself?

Do you know how to love yourself more?

This guide offers simple yet powerful ways you can learn to practice self-love every day and see the benefits in your life immediately.

What’s more important than self-love?

Whether you’re going through a difficult time, managing stress, or staying healthy, it can be challenging to put yourself first.

In fact, most of us don’t.

How often have you skipped out on self-care to take care of others? Or ignoring your needs in favor of helping other people get theirs?

The answer is probably all too often.

But as much as we might like to think otherwise, people who care for others are rarely better off than those who do not.

While it might seem that sacrificing your own well-being and happiness is a way to show love and compassion for others, selfless acts often contribute to burnout. For you and everyone around you.

So how can we change things up?

Embrace imperfections

This is one of those areas where some simple advice can have life-changing results.

Psychologists love to tell us to let go of our past — and for a good reason.

Holding on to negative feelings from years ago has been shown to significantly reduce happiness and make you more susceptible to depression and anxiety. And unfortunately, that includes guilt from previous mistakes.

It turns out that people who think about past regrets often are less happy than those who focus on something else altogether — like a summer getaway or a fun night out with friends. If you’re holding on to guilt from your past, it’s time for a change.



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