How to Overcome Insecurity and Find Self-Love

Keep your eye on the person inside

Janice Eastman
9 min readJan 25
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Insecurity can be debilitating, holding us back from feeling confident in our own skin, but understanding the root of our insecurities can help us begin to combat them.

Everyone experiences insecurity differently, but all insecurities stem from one source: feelings of inadequacy.

Once we understand where our insecurities come from, we can start to work on building up our self-love and esteem. Releasing the need to constantly compare ourselves to others and instead embracing our unique gifts is a start.

My own journey to self-love depth began when I started to understand that no matter how much I felt that I was less than or not enough, I had attributes and strengths that were unique to me.

We can all stumble upon moments of growth and clarity — when the veil of insecurity suddenly falls away, and it’s just you and your uniqueness. Owning those moments and holding onto that insight is the first step in allowing yourself to outshine those insecurities.

Acknowledging our unique gifts, whether physical beauty, intelligence, or ambition, is essential in indulging ourselves with self-love.

An Honest Look

To truly overcome our insecurities and reach a point of self-love and acceptance, we must look at our insecurities honestly, without judgment or shame.

We must embrace our weaknesses right alongside our strengths and learn to be content with who we are and who we are not.

It’s important to be kind to ourselves and learn to accept our imperfections.

Discovering the areas that need improvement while accepting the journey can help lay the foundation for us to rise above insecurity and find internal self-love.

This process of self-love is not a single episode but an ongoing and ever-evolving journey. Small steps that create habits and rituals around mindfully learning to love yourself. Thus making progress and development.



Janice Eastman

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