I Gained 100+ Followers in 2 Days; now What!

Janice Eastman
3 min readSep 23, 2021
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After Medium announced the change to the Partner Program, I panicked. I was already committed to writing an article a day for August and September, and after one month of writing every day, I had gained one single follower, thank you, Daniel Burns.

In September, I gained another follower. Thank you, Elessar Lore, my second follower.

Based on my statistic, I had no idea how I would gain 98 more followers by the end of the year: two months of writing every day = 2 followers. So by December 31, 2021 (and three months remaining), statistically speaking, I should have five followers if my math is correct.

I had a lot of work to do, right? And, what a mountain to climb.

OMG, this meant that I now had to take on another full-time job and move towards the 100 followers milestone along with my full-time job and blogging career. Insurmountable!

Thankfully, Medium is a welcoming and understanding community of writers who are there to cheer you on, give you a "hand-up," and steer you in the right direction so that you can succeed.

Though it would sound nice to say I did it with my hard work, merits, and know-how, that would not be an accurate statement. Insightful Medium writers write many articles to get you from 0 to 100 in no time. Cue, Justiss Goode.

With the help of beautiful writers such as: Sherelee Crawford, Pam Winter, Simon Pastor, Filza Chaudhry, Elizabeth Nixon Davis, James Trodden, Mj, Candice Galek, Anastasia Soul Gypsy, Nellie N, Theodora, BichoDoMato, George Doherty, B. Scott Christmas, Catherine Clark, Galaxy Nomad ( Waheeda Ramjan)waheedaram, Vanessa Hinojosa, Adam Nakamura, Gabriella Korosi, Alex Günsberg, Mariam S., Huma Masood, Jayden O'Neil, Judith Moran, Aaryaman Nijhawan, Pius Adejumobi, Saskia Willockx - Catalyst, Rachael Ann Siciliano, Michele Pittman, Britt Blomster, Blissfully Clueless, Jennifer Pierce, Maja Savic, M. E. de los Establos, Misha Alsleben, Honorata Onanisma, Lisa Dexter, Emy Deshotel, Dignity Paradigm, Andrew Rodwin, Ontie K, Nini Mal, Tithi Mukherjee, Susan Wheelock, Un Swede, Laurianne Muzangisa, Valorie Lasley, Malcolm Keithley, Stephanie Malka, Misty Brock # 3mkzs, Laura Probst, TM Donaldson, Justiss Goode, Jai Burgette, Călina Mureșan, Justjulieandherblog



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