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Janice Eastman — Author
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📝About Me

I am from Kingston, Jamaica, but now living in Canada, specifically in Vaughan, a suburb of Toronto. Vaughan is fondly referred to as the city above Toronto, given its location north of Toronto.

I have two beautiful children — correction young adult children, a husband — my best friend, and a job that I love; well, most of the time.

As a Pastor’s wife, I have the opportunity to volunteer and help those in need. Hence, I mentor young people to guide them on the self-discovery journey, help them find their voice and place in this world, and get the best life offers. I believe in giving back, and I am always eager to help my fellow man grow.

I write about my struggle with insecurity, life lessons, and self-development, or whatever tickles my fancy at the time, to empower readers to find their place in the extraordinary story of life. Lately, I’ve written multiple stories about my experience working at a toxic workplace.

Indications Of A Toxic Workplace

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As a child, I was shy. My parents, teachers, and other adults always told me I was shy, and I believed them. I spent most of my time alone, and even though I had a few friends, I was always quiet around other people.

I know that even though I am not as nervous as I used to be, I will probably always be skittish in some way. But if I keep working on it, as long as I keep being aware of my thoughts, and as long as I keep working on changing my negative thoughts, I know that I can overcome my shyness. — Continue Reading Here

🔐About My Struggle With Insecurity

These stories will let you into my world of insecurity and what goes on in my head.



Janice Eastman

From reading my writing, I hope you will begin to break down self-imposed barriers and find your authentic self in the extraordinary story of life.