Meditation An Art: For The Mind, Body, Soul

Learn to cope with stress, anxiety, and other emotions that can make your life feel a bit chaotic

Janice Eastman
7 min readJan 14, 2022
Meditation An Art: For The Mind, Body & Soul
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If you’ve never meditated before, you may think it sounds too challenging or complicated, but it is not. There are many ways to meditate; you only need a little guidance to get you started.

Meditation, in essence, is a practice that has been around for thousands of years and has proven beneficial. Some benefits can include reduced stress, increased focus, and a sense of peace.

There are various types of meditation, all based on a straightforward concept — clear your mind.

Breath Mindfully

There are several different ways to clear your mind. One way is to focus on your breathing, and another way is to count your breaths or think about the word “one” (or another number).

No matter what type of meditation you choose, you will still need to focus on one thing — and that thing is your breathing. When you focus on your breathing, you will find that not only is it easy to clear your mind, but you will also feel more relaxed and at peace.

Create Stillness

Meditation is a simple practice that anyone can do, and it is something that will benefit you in many ways. If you are new to meditation, do not be intimidated — it is much simpler than you might think!

Though meditation is most often associated with yoga or taught in many religious teachings, it is an ancient form of self-awareness to foster personal development.

Practiced in a seated position to create a sense of stillness.

While most forms of meditation practice work towards an inward focus, it is about finding peace with your thoughts and being aware of your thought patterns.

But whether you are religious or not, or you practice yoga or not, mediation relieves stress, helps you become more grounded in your thoughts, shifts your focus, and changes your mindset.

Many people meditate to find peace with their thoughts and understand their personal needs and wants.



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