Practice Self Love — Get Your Happiness Back

Janice Eastman
3 min readAug 30, 2021
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Did you know that you can celebrate Self-Love on any day of the year? That’s right; you can make self-love a part of your calendar and never look back. Here are some self-love day ideas for those who want to treat themselves to a day filled with self-love:

You don t even have to be in tune with nature to take advantage of some of these wonderful and life enriching self-care ideas. One idea is to meditate on what it means to be human by listening to some binaural beats. After a while, you will find it easier to connect with your inner self by simply doing this simple exercise without thinking about it. Soon, you will be able to tune into the rhythms and begin to tune out of the self-care ideas and listen to nature instead.

The next time you want to make a difference in your world, why not make it a part of your daily self-love routine? Begin taking responsibility for your own well-being by learning to take one small step at a time toward positive change. Spend time doing something that you have always wanted to do but never had the courage to do when you were too afraid to do it. You can practice taking small steps in a very safe environment.

Another way that you can celebrate self-love is to make a list of things that you are grateful for every day. Sit down for at least 15 minutes and write down things about your life that you are grateful for. Then ask yourself one question each day to remind yourself that you are grateful for what you have right now. This might include something simple like enjoying warm milk or the sight of green grass.

One of the easiest ways to practice self-love is to post shared moments on social media sites like Twitter. Find a few moments each day where you can share a positive thought or experience. For instance, on Twitter you can use the hash tag #SelfLove and invite friends to join in on the conversation. Once you start connecting with others, you will find that sharing goes both ways. You will also find that as you go, you are building a network of support for future endeavors.

If you want to get in touch with your own innate self-love and build a more fulfilled life, consider setting up a monthly practice of self-care. Instead of feeling guilty about the things that you are doing, work on loving yourself. It does not require the deprivation or renunciation. In fact, it is even possible to eat healthily, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. All it takes is a willingness to take a few simple steps that will lead you down the path to self-love and physical health.



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