What I’ve Noticed About Top Writers

Bruh, this blew my mind and left me scratching my head!

Janice Eastman
4 min readNov 12, 2021


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Since I joined Medium’s platform, one of my objectives has been to write to inspire and become a top writer. Being a top writer needs me to write my butt off!

I read at least 20–30,000 words per day, and I spend more than 300 hours on Medium per month. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it as long as I keep up this pace. I have no desire to become “one of those” writers who write for the sake of being curated, not yet at least. I write because it’s my passion.

But something intriguing caught my attention. What I’ve noticed about Top Writers, bruh blew my mind and left me scratching my head!

While most of us are sprinting to gain followers and make money online, a small handful of super writers, best known as Top Writers here on Medium, are on the other side of the spectrum. They’ve managed to gain thousands of followers, and it’s alarming, unlike many of us, when looking at who they are following.

I want to shed light on this alarming discovery because they have somehow managed to avoid the follow-for-follow trend typical with newcomers on Medium.

Medium has somehow managed to create various cohorts of writers.

There’s Nothing Like Our Freshman

Those who need to gain 100 followers to gain access to the Partner Program and have no choice but to follow-for-follow

Savvy Sophomore People

Those who have made it past the initial follower requirements and is more focused on helping the freshman with a hand-up while juggling with writing, reading, engaging, being accepted to multiple publications, and gaining more followers themselves

This Is Not Your Father’s Junior

Those who have gained some traction by engagement. And starting to reap some fruits of their labor in terms of followers, reads, claps, and earnings.

Seniors Gives Wealth & Beauty

The top writers who have arrived just write, amongst other things.



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