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Who Killed Constructive Criticism! Reasons the New Cancel Culture Sucks

It’s time to cancel, the cancel culture. The world needs more people willing to take action instead of being a passive victim.

Janice Eastman
8 min readApr 14, 2022


Who Killed Constructive Criticism! The New Cancel Culture did. An old typewriter sits on a white table. It has a piece of paper that reads “Cancel Culture.”
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We have the ability to reinvent how we respond to challenging situations.

Rather than being a victim, let’s learn to be better problem solvers.

Cancel culture has to stop, and it’s time to stop it once and for all.

Cancelling something you previously enjoyed because of a single incident shows weakness.

It turns you into a victim, making you look like a fool.

It makes you lose face.

It makes you lose friends.

The problem with cancel culture is that it turns people into victims, and it turns people into victims with stories that are just that: stories.

The new cancel culture is a victim culture.

It’s a culture of victims who feel entitled to everything and anything they want, no matter the cost to others. It’s a culture of victims who think they’re owed a response, a response that never comes.

It’s a culture of victims who are never wrong, never in the bad, and never have anything to learn.

Constructive criticism is meant to improve things.

Constructive criticism is intended to make you better, not make you feel bad. It’s intended to help you become a better person, not hurt you.

You can’t be a constructive critic unless you first learn to accept criticism.

If you can’t take a joke or an insult without getting defensive, you’re probably not ready to accept constructive criticism. You need to learn how to respond to a complaint without getting triggered.

Last night I facilitated a panel discussion on improving the quality of interpersonal…



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